Decorative and Industrial Laminate
Hall of Fame
An Initiative of the Executive Advisory Board and TCM North America



Nominee's Qualifications
A nominee should be an individual whose leadership and contributions to the laminate industry have been above meritorious and beyond day-to-day routine duties. Typically, nominees will have been longstanding, active members in the industry who have made significant contributions, such as:-making scientific or engineering achievements of proven commercial benefit;-being leaders in NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association- Decorative Laminate Section);-were active within TAPPI Decorative and Industrial Laminates Symposium Committee;-active participants in other technical and laminate symposiums; and/or-leaders in developing the laminate market/industry;-active leaders in the expansion and growth of the laminate market/industry.

Nominating Procedures
Nominations may be made by the TCM North America Executive Advisory Board, symposium attendees, and other industry members, using the Hall of Fame nomination form. The screening of possible candidates, the collection of supporting evidence, the selection of the nominees, and the documentation of qualifications should be performed by the Hall of Fame committee. This committee will consist of at least two members of the TCM North America EAB. The Hall of Fame committee shall make recommendations to the TCM North America EAB.

The Hall of Fame committee must receive the completed nominations no later than April 30 of the year in which they are to be considered. Nominations received after April 30 will not be considered until the following year. Nomination forms should be forwarded to the following:

TCM North America ( USA Office)
Decorative Surfaces Conference - Hall of Fame Committee
c/o Material Intelligence LLC
PO Box 14293
Madison , WI 53708
U. S. A.
Phone: 608-213-9662

The TCM North America Executive Advisory Board will then review the recommendations from the Hall of Fame committee, along with nomination forms for each and every person nominated. After the EAB has reviewed all of the nominees/candidates and those recommended for induction by the HoF committee, the entire EAB will decide upon the number of nominees to be inducted for that year. Then the entire EAB will vote on the individual nominees/candidates to be inducted. The nominees/candidates receiving two-thirds approval of the EAB members voting will be recognized as a new member of the DIL Hall of Fame. They shall be recognized at the next TCM North America Decorative Surfaces Conference and a plaque will be presented at a special luncheon ceremony.

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